Table role

We have grid role in the aria 1.0 and we supposed to use this role only for interactive tables. However, we have been using the grid role even for the static tables. The method is that We define grid role and aria-readonly=”true” for the container. When we do so, screen reader announces it as read-only grid. With this announcement, screen reader users understand that it is a static table. Although the actual purpose is solved by using this technique, it is not appropriate method from the standards point of view.

To avoid all the confusions, aria 1.1 introduced table role for static tables and it is equivalent to the html table tag.

Author notes


  • Author should use either row or row group as a children for the table role.


Code snippet

<div role=’table’ id=’test’ aria-rowcount=’3′ aria-colcount=’2′>

<div role=’row’>

<span role=’cell’>cheese</span>





aria1.1 specification-table


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aria1.1-table working example

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