Switched from Nokia C5 keypad mobile to Android Moto G3 touch mobile

I used Nokia C5 mobile for about 6 years and it was purchased with my salary around in the year of 2009. Even Earlier to 2009, I used to have mobile but all that was with the help of my father support.
Later on, the technology is growing up with high speed day by day and there is a touch phone revolution in the mobile space after few years. I was thinking that I had to change my phone because I wanted to follow the technology. However, there were 2 strong reasons that were stopping me to purchase new phone.
One was that I was scared of touch phone because it’s accessibility. Many of my friends insisted me to purchase iPhone because it is pretty much accessible. Unfortunately, iPhone is very expensive in India. Somehow, I never wanted to spend huge amount on the phone because I am very careless to take care of it. Other reason was that Nokia C5 was my first mobile with my salary and had some sort of emotions on it. I wanted to purchase touch phone at any cost by keeping all my reasons apart because I want to get updated.
I started finding out the options to purchase the touch phone with low cost. As mentioned already, iPhone was never my option at all. I found Android touch phones are better in terms of its accessibility and cost during my study. Finally, I have taken dare step and purchased new Android Moto G3 phone around 4 months ago.
Initially, I had a tough time to access Android Moto G3 mobile. It is because I never accessed touch mobiles earlier. The Nokia C5 mobile that I used earlier was having basic number/key pad that can be touched and felt and was not even “QWERTY” keyboard phone. After few days, I started getting used to Android touch phone slowly. All the actions that we have to do in the touch phone is through the gestures method only. I have learnt those gestures and using my touch phone pretty comfortably today.
I am extremely happy for using touch smart phone because it made me pretty independent in the few areas. Especially, booking the cabs such as Ola, Uber, taxi for sure and so on.., has become very simple and accessible in the my new smart touch phone. When I was using my Nokia C5 phone then I was unable to book the cabs. It was because of the no cab app support for the old phones/models and as a result, I used to take help from friends to book the cab whenever I have cab requirement in the past. Not only this cab support I enjoy in the my new phone but also I enjoy using the apps such as what’s up, TOI, and so on.. all these apps are used for the personal purpose.
on other hand, my new phone is also helping me in the my official life as well in terms of attending the meetings that are scheduled in the hang outs and GTM(go to meeting). The ‘hangout’ and ‘GTM’ apps are used at the optimum level during my travel from office to home and vice-versa. I also would like to convey that all the apps that I am using in the android phone may or may not be fully accessible but there is a work around to access those apps.
I would like to conclude that smart android phone with low cost really making my life pretty independent.