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Hello, My name is Suman and currently working as Principal Accessibility Engineer at Phenom People, Hyderabad, India. My interests are watching movies, visiting new places and listening classical music.
My dream is that I would like to see this complete world is accessible at one point of time for the people with disability in terms of education, physical infrastructure, and digital equality in the web and so on… I know that it would take decays time to see my dream as a reality and it is ideal situation but that’s want I want to see. Sorry, if I bother you with my ideal dream. As an individual, I would like to contribute whatever the little accessibility domain knowledge I have through this blog. The disclaimer is that these are my personal views and nothing related to official.
Most of the people who are new to accessibility think that making the software/website accessible is very difficult job but it’s not a rocket science. They just need right guidance from right people at the right time.
This blog discusses about the software/web accessibility concepts in all the platforms. It keeps you updated what is new in the accessibility world, understanding of WCAG checklist, examples/demos for the WCAG checkpoints, best android apps for visually impaired, and usage of ARIA(1.0 and 1.1) technology in the code.

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  1. Awesome blog. I’m looking for a way to subscribe and receive updates (in my email inbox) when you add a new posting. I’d love to read more. Could you help me find the subscribe form? I’m not able to find it.

  2. Thank you Lynn for liking my blog! answer to your question, there is a “subscribe to blog via email” section in the sidebar, kindly check. please let me know if you still cannot locate.

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