3Ws(WWW) of accessibility

You might be wondering what is 3ws(WWW) of accessibility. Surely, it does not stand for world wide website and it stands for:


  • First w-what is accessibility
  • Middle w-why accessibility is important
  • Last W-when to implement accessibility


Accessibility is nothing but providing equal opportunity or equal access on the digital content for all the users including people with disabilities. If your site is accessible, people with disabilities can perceive, operate, navigate and understand the content like anybody else.



you would agree with me that today web is playing vital role in our day to day activities.

Simple examples:


  • If I want to do online shopping then I will open amazon website and place the order
  • If I want to transfer money to my friend then I will open banking website and do the transaction
  • If I want to have some food then I will open food website and place my favorite food
  • More importantly, if I want to learn something then I will open relevant website and will do the study on the web itself.

These are very simple activities. We can do much more activities on the web in the day to day life. imagine these sites are not accessible, people with disabilities are excluded on your website. It is essential that the Web be accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. Moreover, nearly, 20% of the population suffers from one or other disorder. To tap or to reach this population, one should make their web accessible. Making sites accessible results in maximizing the profits of the organization too.



Some organizations might think that accessibility is an extra thing and would want to do at the end. If you think so, accessibility(it) becomes expensive and time consuming. Accessibility should be embedded during development process itself but not at the end. This would save your time, money, and effort. even modern technologies like react, angular, view supports in incorporating the accessibility during the development itself.



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